two visits to palenque

We decided to go from San Cristobal to Palenque to help break up our trip to Tulum and we also heard that there were supposed to be some amazing Mayan Ruins. Well, our trip took a real turn as we ended up deciding to visit Palenque not once, but twice. We also decided that we would no longer be going to Tulum but to Merida instead.

How did we get to these big changes? Well, firstly a lovely stranger told us Merida was a great place to spend Day of the Dead, and a lot less touristy. So we trusted him and decided to go to Merida instead. Secondly, we found out that we could get a very cheap tour that would take us from Palenque to Guatemala which was a big news as all we had found so far was an expensive flight or a very long bus ride. This ended up with us visiting Palenque as planned, going up to Merida and then coming back to Palenque. But this all worked out great.

Our first visit to Palenque was great and simple. We arrived late in the evening and went to Cafe Jade where we had some amazing pasta and veggie chicken tacos which was incredible. We then got a very cheap night in a random room off the street, it was 200$MX a night for both us. It was a simple room with a pretty lumpy bed but helped us save money for the first few nights. We spent a day just walking around the town, playing cards and eating at the very cheap restaurants surrounding us. Palenque is a simple town that didn’t have too much going on, but that was okay.

We then moved to Jungle Palace which was in El Panchan. They had cabanas for 100$MX for singles and 150$ for couples. You got your own cabanas in the middle of this jungle esq place. It was beautiful and I really felt like I had been taken out of the world and placed into a jungle. This was also the first place we had had hot showers since Oaxaca. You can imagine my happiness. Our first night there, a little black cat roomed with us which was just great. There really wasn’t much to do here, but that is what we were after right then. We played a lot of cards and even bought a chess board. We spent a lot of time at Don Muchos which did not have extensive vegan options but we did okay.

The only trip we managed to do on our first visit was to the waterfalls; Agua Azul and Misol-Ha because it rain all day every other day- which if anything was pretty impressive. The trip we did was really cheap; around 250$MX and we were taken and dropped off to each place. Here was where I bought the chess board which I had been wanting for a long time but didn’t want to carry it around the rest of world.. however, the marble is beautiful and mayan carved pieces and I couldn’t resist.

Luckily we were coming back to visit as we had heard the ruins were not to be missed, and people were not wrong. These ruin were some of the most amazing ones I have ever seen. They were vast and not over prices and I loved every minute of walking around and exploring the area. I will let the pictures speak for this place and would definitely say this place is a must-see.

We then booked our tour to Flores, Guatemala and got prepared for a six am start, bringing our time in Mexico to a nice, neat end. This part of our trip has been incredible and I plan to dedicate another, final blog post all about our time in Mexico.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I had an incredible time living in El Panchen, Palenque and was sad to leave although definitely excited to begin a new adventure. Feel free to check out my previous posts about Merida and san cristobal.

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