eight days in merida

Our final city of Mexico; Merida. although was my last (new) destination in Mexico. We backtracked slightly to Palenque for a few days to catch a bus to Flores, Guatemala. Meaning I will do this blog post first, followed by Palenque, our final destination in Mexico.

On our first day here we went on the walking tour. These are one of my favourite things to do when I arrive into a new town or city because you get to learn all about the culture and it helps you get a good sense of direction. And you tend to learn about some interesting spots to visit.

The next day we went to Chichem Itza- my second of the seven wonders. And it was amazing. It was incredibly preserved and the area around it was beautiful. We went super early to avoid the crowds and the sun which worked out incredibly to our benefit. We spent around two and a half hours walking around and then headed home to get out the sun.

We were also lucky enough to experience day of the dead here, which was our main reason to choose merida as our destination. We were advised that they have a really great festival/ceremony by a very friendly stranger. On the 31st there was a parade and everyone got their faces painted. It was a great and beautiful evening and I loved how they paid tribute to those they have lost.

Whilst in Merida we also tried to see some centoes, tried being the appropriate word here. We wanted to see the pink lake and some centoes and found a tour that was pretty expensive at 650$MX per person but offered to take us to a pink lake with flamingos, three cenotes and to progreso, a little beach town. However, the first (and only) ‘centoe’ was not the bright blue that cenotes should be, it was more a tea tree lake. Which was really awesome and the boat ride down we did was really unique but it wasn’t quite what we expected.

We then drove to the pink lake and saw flamingos, which was in fact pretty pink and the flamingos were very impressive. We then got a few hours at Progreso and I had one of the best meals ever. It was our classice; rice, beans and salad with tortillas. However, the portion was huge and it was super tasty.

The tour was our last day in Merida. We then got on the bus and headed back to Palenque before catching the bus to Guatemala.

Thanks for reading this blog post about our time in Merida! It wasn’t the best town I have stayed at however, it was a great base to thing that surrounded this city. My previous blog posts were on san cristobal and puerto escondido.

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