four days in san cristobal de la casas

Spending only four days in san cristobal de la casas is one of the poorer decisions I made on my travels. This town was one of my favourite places I have been. It reminded me a lot of Oaxaca but full of even more beautiful art and food with a ton of culture and interesting architecture.

The bus ride from Puerto Escondido was long and awful and that was mostly because I got super sick the moment I sat down in the waiting room. Throwing up on a overnight bus is not the most ideal situation I’ve been in. However, we arrived at San Cristobal safetly and happily. We had a room booked at the Iguana Hostel because it had amazing reviews. It was a good hostel but definitely nothing above average with a pretty quiet atmosphere. However, this hostel did have hot water although, only for a few minutes but it was very exciting for us as we have not had hot showers in a long time.

The first day we did the free walking tour that is super popular in the town. Our tour guide was amazing and took us to so many locations that I never would’ve found on my own. We went to the shop Nemi Zapata that displayed the art of Beatriz Aurora that I even went back again to buy more postcards. It was a beautiful shop with amazing art on postcards, stickers and postcards. We also walked through the market where I learnt a lot about amber, a stone I never thought much about and came to really love and respect those who sold it.

The next day we took a tour to see the Sumidero Canyon which was really amazing. The tour took us on a bus to the location and then we got on a boat where we got to go all the way along the canyon. There was also a tour guide however, it was only in Spanish so I understood about 1%. Luckily, the people sitting next to us translated for us so we learnt some really interesting stuff. We also saw some monkeys and a crocodile just chilling on the edge of the canyon water which as pretty surreal.

Now, let’s talk food. The best part of these blog posts if you ask me. I also made a bigger effort to photograph my food so I can have pictures to put to the locations. The first place we loved was Tok Tok Wok which simply made just fried rice or noodle bowls but they were delicious. You chose your veggies and sauce and it would be ready in five minutes. We also went to Te Quiero Verde which had the best penne alfredo I have ever had and Loving Hut which had an amazing variety of CHEAP and delicious food.

Our time in San Cristobal was short and sweet and I would love to come back, I could even see myself living there with the art, food and weather. Leaving was sad but I’m glad we had such a great time exploring this town. We are currently on our way to the next stop a town called Palenque. My previous posts were about my time Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca City. Thanks for reading!

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