eighteen days in puerto escondido

hello and welcome to my third blog post and my third town that I have been lucky enough to visit whilst in mexico. we knew we would end up spending a good amount of time in puerto escondido, however, eighteen was definitely more than I would’ve predicated! we took a nice long bus from Oaxaca city which I believe took around eight hours.. all my bus trips are starting to just roll into one at this point.

eighteen days in puerto escondido

It was such a great little town and perfect if you just want to relax and be by the ocean. there are options to go surfing, release turtles and boat trips to see dolphins but we didn’t do any of that. it was quite expensive and for me, personally, I don’t want to pay a lot of money to see/use/photograph animals. I’d prefer to just see them randomly then seek them out, if that makes sense?

Anyway, whilst we were here we stayed at a great hostel called Vivo Escondido. The staff were great and made us immediately feel included which I think is one of the most important part of hostel lifestyle, and of course the AC. Puerto Escondido was so so hot that having a hostel without AC, especially at night was not a choice. Whilst we were here they hosted a volleyball pool party, took us to a full moon party, a techno rave and a secret beach. A few of us also got matching tattoos at the hostel of little agave plants. I also loved the location and felt like in a toursity town we weren’t right in center of it all.

Puerto Escondido is split into three areas; La Punta, Zicatela and Carrizalillo. La Punta and Zicatela are the main tourists spots and we noticed how much more expensive the food was there. We spent fourteen days living in Carrizalillo and loved the area so much, the restaurants surrounding us were incredible and were very cheap at around 50-100$MX. Again, I didn’t take any food pictures but here are the restaurants I loved: Bonito Bowl, El Sultan (we ate here literally every day, 55$MX for a falafel wrap!!), Il Pastaio and Papa Tots.

We then moved to Buena Onda Cabanas which was a nice change from the hostel life. The weather in Puerto is so hot and humid you end up doing nothing all day but be in the pool so moving to the Cabanas on the beach meant it was a lot cooler and we also got a change of scenery. The cabanas were little private rooms that also had hammocks and chairs and table to sit outside. You could walk down and out onto the beach which was so beautiful.

The food here was also delicious, just more expensive- spending around 150$MX per person. There was so much vegan food in this town we also got to check out; Cafe Ole which had incredible milkshakes, Alaburger which had VEGAN (potato) cheese pizzas and Moringa Organic Store which had also sorts of beauty, health and also cake, empanadas and ice cream- it was amazing!

eighteen days in puerto escondido

Whilst in La Punta we didn’t do anything too special other than eat food and sit by the beach. However, we did go to the movies which was showing English films every Thursday. The tickets were two for one (60$Mx) and the snacks were super cheap and delicious.

Our time in Puerto Escondido was amazing and will always be a special place to me and I definitely know that I will be visiting again one day in the future. All the places mentioned above I loved and would recommend in a heartbeat. I also celebrated my one month anniversary of backpacking mexico- time has gone by so fast I can barely believe it! My last two blog posts were about my time in Oaxaca City and Mexico City.

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