one week in mexico city

So, I left Banff. My nice cosy life of Banff is over and I am back backpacking! I got to spend a wonderful 10 days in the USA; visiting my uncle and then I joined my mum and Grandma on their states trip so I got to pop into Arizona and Las Vegas; both were incredible. And then I got to spend a week in Mexico City.

After saying goodbye to my mum and grandma I hopped on a plane and flew over to Mexico City. I arrived pretty late at night so didn’t get to see much but Quincy picked me up from the airport and took me to a place close to our hostel, which made incredible vegan quesadillas.We had a nice relaxed week; reading, writing, relaxing and then visiting a few tourist spots, which is my favourite way of travelling

The hostel we stayed at was called Casa MX Alameda which was the cheapest (MX$180) and a really nice place. They had an incredible roof terrace with a kitchen and a bar open on weekends. They did have a basic free breakfast but it finished at 9am which I was not up early enough to experience. They also had ping pong, football table and the people were really friendly that I met here.

A lot of our time was spent walking around the local area, we went to Chapultepec park and checking out the old historic town. We were also lucky enough to be a part of the global climate march in the city which was very beautiful and overwhelming. The architecture of the city was also very beautiful. We also took a heap of subways which was a very interesting experience!

We also found some great vegan restaurants. A couple of awesome vegan resturants were Vegamo MX and Utopia and YuVegetarian and Restaurant Vegetariano Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but I can honestly say I have never had such amazing food. Vegamo Mx had incredible smoothies and tacos that were so reasonably priced and tasted like proper ‘mexican’ food. Utopia had one of the best vegan pizzas I have ever had and I would recommend that place in a heart beat. Restaurant Vegetariano was an awesome vegetarian buffet which was really fun and only 100MX$ which is such a great deal for all you can eat.

One day we took a day trip to the pyramid of sun which was really awesome and nice and easy to get to. We just took public transport and then just walked around the area. We also grabbed some food on the way out which was potato tacos and they were also really really good. I’ll let the pictures speak for this place.

We also went to visit the Anthropology museum which was super fun and interesting. It was this really weird building with 22 different rooms of different exhibitions. It was super interesting and we also learned a lot about Teotihuacán which is where we visited the day before to see the differen pyramids. We only saw a eight rooms in the two/three hours we spent there- it was such a huge place but we had such an awesome time!

I guess I should touch of my feelings about being here and how scary everyone told me it was going to be. I can confirm it is just like any other city, being that sure there are some interesting sorts but there is an incredible amount of culture, and the nicest people and amazing restaurants. I was so nervous as my plane hit the ground but even after being here for only a week I feel so at home and relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen but they also happen everywhere in the world.

And then as I write this now we are getting ready to take a bus to Oaxaca which is around seven hours south of mexico city. It is out of the mountains so we are expecting a lot more heat- the weather was perfect at mexico city, lovely warm days and then stormy nights. I absolutely loved mexico city and it was the perfect way to start our trip. Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next blog post about my time in Oaxaca. My previous post was on the year I spent in Banff and I will also attach a link to my youtube page if you would like to watch my monthly updates!

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