solo travelling through: Indonesia

After living in Australia for one year and seven months I decided it was time to move on. I absolutely loved my time in Australia and would 100% recommend the country to anyone. But I decided it was time to get back out and do some backpacking, I had eight weeks to myself whilst my husband went on his trip to India. It was so hard for me to narrow down where to go because Asia is huuuge, and I wanted to go everywhere, In the end I managed to settle on:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Nepal
  3. India

And then I got a flight to France, to see my dad and then I took a flight to England where I would spend the next 2 months. Putting a end to my first nearly two years of backpacking.

So, let’s talk about Indonesia. I have been wanting to go to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia since September 2016 when I watching THIS video. It really inspired to just go and enjoy different parts of the world that lots of people turned there nose to.

I flew from Tasmania to Melbourne, Melbourne to Singapore and the Singapore to Jakarta. I landed and stumbled off the airport into the most humid climate. I had never been to Asia before and felt super excited and scared and knew nothing.

I had previously booked a hostel called Six Degrees which was one of the best hostels I stayed at. The people I met there were awesome, we got amazing free breakfast everyday and the facilities were great. I stayed in Jakarta for three nights and got a train late at night to Bandung. My time in Jakarta was spent wondering aimlessly around, eating food and trying to sort myself out a SIM card, which I would highly recommend because it makes life just slightly easier.

I arrived in Bandung around 10/11pm which was later than I wanted because being in a place you have no idea about, is slightly scary and hard to navigate. I had previously booked Bandung House so I had a place to arrive to which made me feel better about arriving so late. This hostel was super basic but the people were really nice. I was the only backpacker in the hostel, in fact my whole time in Bandung I was the only backpacker I met!

My first day I used GOJek to order a motorcycle to take me to a random, waterfall. I don’t remember the name but my experience was perfect. I had a stranger approach me and offer to take me around the area. At the end I offered money, which he refused to take. I then didn’t really have a way home so a family also visiting the waterfall offered to take me into town and then ordered another GOJek to take me home. I had such a perfect day and the generosity of the locals was so perfect, I really felt safe and comfortable.

On my second day I went to Kawah Putih which was the white crater. To get here it was quite an adventure with lots of steps BUT it wasn’t that hard and totally worth it. SO, to get to the white crater you have to:

  1. Get a GOJek to the bus station which is a fair bit out of town and definitely worth getting a motorcycle ride instead of walking.
  2. I then had to ask to be pointed in the direction of the bus to Ciwidey. There was no schedule and the bus just left when it was super full- I paid 15,000 Rp. and it took about 50 mins.
  3. Then once dropped off opposite the street are lots of yellow angkot but don’t worry, the men rush to you asking where you are going and agreed to take me and I paid 13,000.

And that it how I got to the park. It cost 75,000 entry and that paid for the bus to the top and to see the crater. It wasn’t the cheapest but I really loved visiting it. I was absolutely mobbed for pictures here by all sorts of people, I’ve never minded this and always happily take pictures with people. Sometimes, I get people to send me the pictures of ask them to take a picture of me on my own phone, cons of solo travelling- no landscape photos!

I then had a train booked from Bandung to Jogjakarta. This train ride was so long, I spent time looking at the views and sleeping.

I had booked myself into the hostel Laura’s Backpackers which was another amazing hostel. There was free breakfast and free dinner. The food was insane, the staff super friendly and I met some really awesome people here as well. Whilst in Jogjakarta, me and five other people rented a car and took a trip to Borobudur Temple, chicken church and then to an amazing food place followed by visiting the bluest waterfall I have ever seen.

Later on I then got the greatest tattoo ever done at Jolly Roger Tattoo which was a sternum piece. He helped my design it and he got it done in about 1 hour 30. It was so so painful but I couldn’t be happier with it. I also got my second nose piercing done here and could not recommend these guys enough.


The next day in Jogjakarta I got a four hour spa done which was incredible. It was super cheap and I got a body massage/scrub/steam, I had my hair and face done and it was just super relaxing. I got it done at a spa recommend by the hostel, so I don’t actually remember the name of the place.

Those were my seven days in Java, they flew by and I felt like I got a lot done. I then flew from Jogjakarta to Bali.

Bali was an interesting decision for me. I toyed with the idea of going and wasn’t sure if I wanted to because I knew there would be a super heightened tourism and Java was so spare with tourists. Arriving into Bali was insane. Expensive taxis, not knowing anything. I got a ride from a guy on a scooter who we agreed on a price only for him to increase it once he dropped my off. But once I arrived I settled more. I spent a few nights in Canggu at Beachbums Berawa which was a pretty nice hostel and I met some nice people. I arrived on a Sunday and planned to leave Tuesday morning, however, I met some really awesome girls who told me about Tacos and Tattoos.

So, every Tuesday, Deus Ex Machina, a restaurant that does a free tattoo when you buy your tacos.  The tacos cost around £12, I think. We arrived there super early because there are only 26 spots available. But in the end it wasn’t so busy. The event started at 6 and by 5.45 no one had started queuing so one of the girls I was with decided to go up and queue and then everyone else followed. It was one of the greatest nights I had in Bali, I met so many awesome people who were also getting tattoos. I actually knew my tattoo idea but hadn’t drawn it out so I spent the whole night getting people to write down the text I wanted and eventually a girl who was in the queue behind me wrote it out exactly how I imagined it. The tattooing wasn’t perfect and I did add some flowers to my design later on but that was purely because I wanted to add more the design, not because of what the tattooist did. I mean, for a free tattoo, I am not complaining.

I also got a tattoo off a tattoo artist I found on Instagram and was the reason  I chose to actually go to Canggu because I loved a sunflower design that he had.  I took that design and I also got him to write some Radiohead lyrics above another tattoo of mine. He was a really awesome tattooist and super patient with my as I decided on everything.

Canggu was a nice place, there was a beach that was great to spend time on and there were so many different shops with a whole lot of vegan food. I did feel a bit like I was back in Byron Bay and not so much in Asia, which made the whole experience feel a bit odd. I decided to go to Ubud to step away from the party scene.

The same girls I went to the taco and tattoo night with I also shared a taxi to Ubud with as it was so expensive to travel around the island as a solo traveller. I booked myself into Green Paddy Hostel & Villa, which was slightly more expensive than my normal choice but I was after a place with a pool that wasn’t in the centre of the city. The staff here were really friendly and helpful, always offering lifts into the centre and the free breakfast was really tasty.

My time in Ubud was spent relaxing and not doing too much as I felt like I had been super busy my whole time Indonesia. I also got my first sickness from eating street food which wasn’t great and I actually got it the day before my flight to Nepal! Whilst in Ubud me and a few other people rented a car (this is a super cheap way of travelling around Indonesia) and we went to a couple of temples, the monkey temples and a waterfall. I had to admit the way of seeing places isn’t my most favourites. I hate running around and seeing things all for the sake of seeing it, I prefer to do things that actually hold my interest. Don’t get me wrong, temples can be really amazing and interesting but you have to want to go and see them.

So, with my sickness and packed bags I headed off to the airport and got on my flight to Nepal. And that was my time in Indonesia. I was so glad at the ground that I had covered and all the places and people I got to visit in my two weeks here.

Thanks so much for reading my super delayed solo travelling story of Indonesia! I am back home and just didn’t feel like writing about my time in Asia yet, I just needed a bit more time to myself and my memories.

I have also been working on a YouTube channel, I am running it mostly for myself but I also thought why not share it on here. I am doing monthly videos of everything I get up to which you can check out here. my previous post was about me being married and my preference to not shaving. stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.


**disclaimer** I was unsure whether as a vegan I should visit the monkey temple, there wasn’t much information on the internet and decided to visit it so that I could see for myself. the place was described as ‘mostly free range’ on the entrance sign and all the monkeys seemed free and roamed around freely. however, there must be a reason that they stay inside the area, as there are open fences and doors.. I assume there was some training in keeping them in there.

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