Crocodile Tour: Solar Whisper

I recently finished my two months in the Daintree Rainforest and I had such an incredible time living there. I worked four hours everyday and spent the rest of time on the beach as much as possible. Other times I tried to get out and do some more ‘toursity’ things. At first I never really thought to do any of it and then after a week or so I thought why not. A lot of the businesses are locally owned and local people work in the area so it is great to support them.

Me and a friend decided to get ourselves onto a crocodile tour. Of course I was drawn to the one that ran on solar power and would be the best for the environment, which is why I chose to do the Solar Whisper Tour. The boat picks you up across the ferry, however, because we lived across the water he drove across and picked us up which I thought was really nice of him as it was out of their way. On the drive (do you say drive when referring to boats? I’m not even sure.) to pick up the rest of the people on the other side we got chatting to the man who was incredibly and I really wish that I could remember his name. I want to say Graham.

Once we picked up everyone else we started to drive up the creek. We were maybe going for about five minutes and we we came across out first crocodile sitting on the river bank. From then on we saw lots of crocodiles. I think we saw about six large ones and one tiny baby one which I can’t believe we actually saw as it was just standing on the waters edge. Whilst we were watching two of them on the sand bank one of them actually decided to get into the water and swam towards us which was ridiculously scary but so impressive. Below there will be photos of everything I saw.

On the drive back we stopped and got to look at lots of different birds. My favourite thing was that the guy showing us around was so keen and really passionate about everything he showed us. When someone pointed at a bird he would drive over and use the camera to show us it closer and told us all about it. I do think that’s what made me enjoy the tour so much. It wasn’t rushed and we probably spent about an hour and half driving around looking at the crocodiles and birds.

Anyway, here are all the pictures that I got.

Crocodile Tour: Solar Whisper

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (2)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (3)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (4)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (5)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (6)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (7)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (8)

Crocodile Tour Solar Whisper (9)

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you’re ready for loads more to come! Having a month off mean that I have a lot to catch up on. I really enjoyed being able to see crocodiles and being able to see them in their natural habitat, not in any kind of zoo or wildlife park. I also love that the boat is eco-friendly. If you fancy catching up, my previous blog post was about living in Cape Tribulation and my three days in Sydney.

stay kind ✿

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