Living in the Daintree Rainforest, North Queensland

Oh, hey.

It’s been a while since I put out a blog post.

And that is because I have been living in the very secluded area of Cape Tribulation, surrounded by the Daintree Rainforest.


I decided to come up here because the weather in South Australia was cooling down and it is the dry season in the North so I thought it would be an amazing place to go.

I had arranged a work for accommodation job at PK’s Jungle Village where I lived for just over 2 months. So I hopped on the bus from Cairns and headed into the Daintree. I remember the drive down so well. As soon as you get out of Cairns you are surrounded by so much green. The view on green hills/mountains meeting the sand and ocean is truly incredible. Then when you cross over the ferry you really see another side to nature. You have literally stepped into a jungle. The roads are long and windy, with trees surrounding either side of you. At times you are so high and the view is amazing.

20170608_155200Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (2)

Arriving at PK’s,  I was so nervous. It was the first thing I had really done on my own and I knew I had to try and talk to people and make friends which did push me out my comfort zone. But that’s what I needed. I needed all these challenges to push me and change me for the better. The resort I stayed at was really nice, the cabins were basic but comfortable, there was a pool and access to the beach in a three minute walk. This was probably my favourite part of the whole place. The job itself wasn’t hard but there were some funny rules; here are pictures of some of the signs that graced the walls of this place, just to give you an idea of what it was like, without having to talk about it.

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (20)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (19)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (18)

I had such a great time living here. I got to meet so many people and I loved the community that everyone was involved with. Because there was zero phone signal everyone hung out together and you really get to talk and know people. There was no sitting opposite each other whilst on Instagram. We all spent so much time together that you become good friends really fast. The only downside was that there was a pretty big turnover with people staying for a couple of weeks or just a month that it did become hard to say goodbye to people. But that is a problem that will always come with travelling.



The scenery in this place is incredible. I saw so many snakes, spiders, cassowaries and huge lizards. When I climbed to the top of the rock I would see turtles coming up for air and sting rays swimming across the surface. We had a local peacock that would walk around the resort, I actually have no idea what the story is behind that but he was incredibly beautiful.

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (17)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (11)

There are also so many different things to do at Cape Trib. For the most part, when it was nice weather I spent most my time on the beach. I would either go to the one right out the front of the resort and go to my little spot where I was sheltered from any wind.

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (13)

Otherwise I would take a 30 minute walk to Cape Tribulation beach which was my favourite place to go in the first few weeks I arrived. It was a great walk along the beach, through the creek and jungle. It was much smaller so the whole beach was sheltered from the wind and I loved that at times there could be no one on it.

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (5)

When it was raining it sometimes became tricky to know what to do. A day or two of rain isn’t bad because I would just lay around my room watching TV shows/movies, reading or writing. I remember one week where it rained for pretty much five days straight and it began to really get me down as there was nothing to do and you can feel yourself getting pretty frustrated with it. But most the time I enjoyed my days relaxing and hiding out in my room and I definitely grew to love the rainforest weather.

I also did some of attractions that bring people to Cape Tribulation. I did a crocodile tour which was so fun and I took a trip to the Great Barrier Reef which was incredible. It did make me wish I had a better underwater camera as my pictures and videos look a bit muggy. However, I had the best time doing it, I got to swim with a turtles and I saw electric blue star fish, sting rays and jellyfish. I hiked Mount Sorrow and Alexandria Falls (whose location is secret). I also did fruit tasting which was so fun and felt like I was just hanging out with a friend eating fruit. I actually forgot to take my camera to the fruit tasting however it was great and I really felt like my money was going towards a great family business. I got to go to a rave in an abandoned holiday resort (again, the location is secret) which is this big, beautiful, wooden building. Then when you go inside there is a huge room filled with barely anything where a huge hammock suspends off the roof that can fit 20 of us in. I was shown how to make paint out of rocks. I also visited the blue hole which is a sacred aboriginal pool, again I wouldn’t give the location of the pool away. It is really important to respect all this places and their ‘secret locations’ because when everyone and their grandmother knows where to find it, it ruins what makes it so special. There is nothing more disappointing than going to visit somewhere and it is already full of 50 people. It stops things from being so special. I am so grateful that I got to experience all these wonderful things and I was lucky enough to get to visit these secret spots.

Living in the Daintree, North QueenslandLiving in the Daintree, North Queensland (2)Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (3)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (4)Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (6)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (8)Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (9)   Living in the Daintree, North Queensland

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (12)Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (14)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (15)

Living in the Daintree, North Queensland (16)received_10154695812176937daintre3

That’s about all the pictures I can deal with right now. I believe that the best way to experience life in Cape Trib is to live there. Two months was a long time but if you could stay for four weeks I would highly recommend it. Get involved with life there and enjoy the seclusion and the incredible people you meet who live in the area.

And that just about sums up my experience living in the DainTree Rainforest. I’ll be writing future posts about different things that I did because I do have so much to say about the place. I plan to be back onto blogging twice a week, I really missed being able to write about what I was up to. Feel free to check out my most recent posts;two months in Mexico or spending time in Cartagena, Colombia. 

stay kind ✿

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