Three AMAZING Days in Sydney

Sydney was my first stop on my solo travel adventure, and I have three amazing days in the city. I enjoyed being a tourist and seeing things I had never seen before. I also did it cheaply because I am super stingy and hate paying for things. Here is how I did Syndey on a super tight budget in a very small time scale.

Day 1

On my first day I got up bright and early and went for a run in Hyde Park because my hostel was super close to it. I liked the hostel I was staying in, it was cheap and central and nowhere near as bad as the reviews made you think it was going to be. I then got my free breakfast (toast and peanut butter, my new favourite thing) and planned what to do with my day.I decided to take a ’free’ walking tour around the city which was so good and I would highly recommend taking one of these whenever you are in a new city. I got to learn all sorts of things about Sydney and learn my way around the city a little bit. At the end you are asked to give a donation which I believe was well worth it.

I then hopped on the bus to Bondi Beach because it was a relatively nice day and wanted to check out the famous beach. I got them, sat on the beach for five minutes and then left. I was a bit cooler than I like and pretty busy so instead I did the Bondi to Coogee walk but stopped at Bronte because my feet where exhausted after my days walking. I hope on a bus to go back to the hostel and have some tea. At bout 6 I then went back out to see the light display for Vivid Sydney. It was so beautiful and made a boring city look really beautiful. If you plan to go to Sydney I would recommend doing it during this festival. It was pretty busy but the vibe was just great.

day 1 in sydney  day 1 in sydney (2)

day 1 in sydney (3)

day 1 in sydney (4)day 1 in sydney (5)

day 1 in sydney (6)day 1 in sydney (7)

day 1 in sydney (8)day 1 in sydney (9)

day 1 in sydney (10)

Day 2

For my second day I skipped the run and went straight for breakfast and planning my day. I decided to have a more relaxed, less touristy morning and go to Glebe to the Bulk Food Shop and Newtown where there are lost of vegan places to eat. On my way to decided to try and find the Chinese Garden of Friendship (40 minutes of aimless wondering)  to find you had to pay which was a little disappointing. So I left and walked to Glebe which didn’t take too long. In the Bulk Food Shop the lovely lady helped me fill up my pouches one with shampoo and the other with coconut oil. It cost me 5$ so I was really happy with that. I then got the bus to Newtown and my mind was blown once I came across a VEGAN fish and chip shop. Stupidly, I forgot to take photos but it was amazing. The menu was everything fish and chips, just vegan. You could have deep fried chocolate bars, fish,  calamari, the list goes on. The portion was a great size and I actually couldn’t eat it all so stuffed it into my tin and ate the rest for tea. So good!

In the afternoon I got the ferry to Manly. This was a fun experience and you got a great view around the harbour. I then popped into the tourist information and got a route for the North Head walk, which left me tell you was LONG. It was (I think) about 10KM and took my 2 and a half hours. It was a great walk and I got to see some great views, and I just love walks/hikes in general so it was great fun. I then got the ferry back, followed by the bus and then collapsed into bed. My legs were knackered so in the evening I took a short walk to Darling Harbour and then went back to catch an early night.

day 2 in sydney (2)day 2 in sydney

day 2 in sydney (3)day 2 in sydney (4)

day 2 in sydney (5)day 2 in sydney (7)

day 2 in sydney (8)day 2 in sydney (9)

day 2 in sydney (10)day 2 in sydney (11)

day 2 in sydney (6)day 2 in sydney (14)

day 2 in sydney (12)day 2 in sydney (13)

Day 3

After my two jam packed days I decided to take today a little easier. In the morning I walked to the Botanical Gardens, had a walk around there and sat by the pond. On my walk back to the hostel I passed The NSW gallery so had a little look around there which I really enjoyed as it wasn’t huge. There is only so long I can walk around art galleries before I get bored. I then went home, picked up some sushi for lunch and spent the afternoon in the park. I didn’t do anything specific,sorted out my iPod, phone, blog, etc. In the evening, after tea I took a walk back to the Botanical Gardens and got to see it all lit up which was really nice. I then walked t the harbour bridge and got a great view of the city. I then walked home to fall asleep for my 5am wake up call for my flight to Cairns.

day 3 in sydney[5]day 3 in sydney (2)

day 3 in sydney (3)day 3 in sydney (4)

day 3 in sydney (5)day 3 in sydney (7)

day 3 in sydney (6)day 3 in sydney (8)day 3 in sydney (9)day 3 in sydney (10)

And those were my three amazing days in Sydney. Three days was the perfect amount of time to spend in Sydney, I got to see so much with no moment wasted. I always am a bit sceptical of cities but Sydney was lovely, and I loved Newtown! Yay for vegan food! This blog post is scheduled as I am currently working at Cape Tribulation where signal is iffy. You can catch my previous blog posts on a mini life hack and how I got my luggage to 7KG.

stay kind  ✿

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