Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG

I really thought I could do it. Little did I know how little 7KG really is. BUT, I have done it and I will do it. It is hard though. For some reasons some airlines allow 10kg others allow 7kg. I think it is the cheaper airlines that only allow 7 and of course I am on a cheaper airline. I could complain about this for days but I am not going to and I’m just going to tell you how you drop your luggage down if you need to. It is about carrying the bare essentials. My whole life is in my backpack so travelling with only 7kg of carry-on luggage is slightly intimidating. But it feels great because I do not own anything that I don’t need.

When I documented this pack I did it seriously, as if I was leaving that day so made sure to pack everything. The final weight was just shy of 8KG. And there is nothing that I can do to change that. Except, I will be wearing about 40% of my clothes and I did get rid of the cutlery (sad face), flannel, glasses case, backpack and hair brush. I chose this option because I wanted my luggage to stay with me at all times. I have this fear that my luggage will get lost and as I’ve said above, it is literally my whole life.

My advice though, if you are allowed 7KG and are allowed to upgrade to 10/15 KG for 20/30$ I would do it (and I am doing it for my second flight) because it eases that anxiety that fills your bones and you stand in line waiting for you luggage to be weighed. Although, for both my flights my luggage was never weighed as I checked in online, so the risk is there if you fancy taking it. My luggage is a comfortable 8 so it is still super light and doesn’t carry anything I don’t use.

Here are the steps to how I did it and how you can as well.

Step One

Begin with a blank canvas. Tidy up. You want to be working in a clean room without distractions and things getting in your way. I made my bed and used that as my table.

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG

Step Two

Clothes. Sort out the clothes that you need and want to take. Here is a run down of all of my clothes that I carry with me. I fold them up with the KonMari method, I will link a YouTube video for that here.

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (24)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (4)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (7)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (8)

Bottoms. I have one long skirt great for beaches and evenings. Three pairs of trousers, the blue are super comfy for sleeping/yoga, etc. The other two are casual wear and the black pair can also work for evenings or even for jobs. Then I have a daytime skirt and a pair of shorts suitable for day and evening.

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (5)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (6)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (9)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (11)

Tops. I have three casual t-shirts that are great for sleeping/working and working out in. I may get rid of one but I am unfortunately, emotionally attached to them all. Then three nicer tops, one being a body suit. I have one long sleevee that is warm but also can be worn with a smarter outfit as it has a nice V neck. Then for outerwear I have one throw on shirt and a jacket, allowing for any weather.

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (10)

Misc. I then had a collection of other things including, one pair of tights, sports bra, one bikini (you only need one!! I do not understand the need for 5 like literally one will do. Not two, one.), a rolled up raincoat, bandana (acts as eye mask, scarf, hair bandana, tbh I just keep this as it is my dads), a beanie and a pouch of underwear. I have 6 pairs of pants and three socks. I also have a flannel in the picture however, I discarded that.

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (12)

And the above photo shows how small everything folds up to. I used to pack all my clothes by rolling them into a packing cub however, I find that this method works so much better and instead of a packing cube I put them loose in the bottom of my suitcase. I find that packing cubes do take up that bit more space which is sometimes vital!

Step Three

After sorting clothes I moved onto toiletries. Oh we all know the 3-1-1 rule and how security is at airport. So I picked up reusable baby food pouches which I speak about here.  I decanter my suncream, face wash and moisturizer into these pouches. I also have a 60ml tube of sudocream, however, it is nearly empty so I am going to leave it behind and maybe purchase tea tree oil to experiment with that. The only other liquids I will be taking are my favourite lipstick, lipgloss and a nasal spray which is my holy grail for colds and unblocking noses. Also pictured is my microfibre travel towel, mini first aid kit, B12 vitamins (decantered into a pouch instead of the heavy plastic tub), menstrual cup, tooth brush, contact lens pot and contact lenses. I also have makeup in the picture below, however, I did get rid of it because I never where it so didn’t see the point in carrying it for ‘just in case.’ 

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (13)

Step Four

All the miscellanious bits come after. I have a day bag that I LOVE as it has bananas all over it *future idea, banana tattoo*, purse, earphone and my journal/notebook. Then I have a collection of things that I use to avoid buying plastic which is my reusable plastic bottle, cloth bag and my silver food tin. I use the silver tin to store my electronics whilst its not in use. Inside I have my GoPro, phone charger, laptop charger and also a sewing kit because where else do I put that. As mentioned above I had to leave my cutlery behind just to shift some of my backpacks weight. AND, minor life hack. I got rid of my bulky rucksack and just use my tote bag. It works great as a day bag and has lots of space to carry everything.  

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (15)Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (14)

Step Five

The final stage. Packing it all away and I do have a perfect system for this. First I put all my clothes, apart from the ones I am wearing (which is a lot) into the bottom of my bag. Then place my towel in the bottom.

Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (18)

Then I just begin my laying everything into the middle section, as organised as possible so that it fits nicely. On the very top I lay my notepad, followed by laptop and liquids. I put these two on top as they both need to be pulled out at security. I also don’t like to use the straps across them because it can break the laptop and I don’t think its smart to put pressure on my liquids! Travelling with ONLY carry-on luggage at 7KG (23)

And there we go. A well packed backpack. I love organising things like this, as you can probably tell. It is great only owning a few items. It also means that everything I own I love, they are things that I would really hate to part with. I love living this way, everything means something and I couldn’t imagine going back to the girl who owns everything.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful! I loved sorting out everything although it does still worry me if my bag is just slightly over. I will finalise everything before my flight- keep your fingers crossed for me! My previous blog post was about my new life situation and a new series on my blog called mini life hacks.

stay kind  ✿

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