April Minimalistic Monthly Favourites

Every now and then I round up a collection of five things that I have been loving. I previously decided to not do them monthly because I do not buy much stuff, however, I recently decided why do my five favourite favourites have to be material things I have bought.

It can be experiences, places, people. Anything. This is me trying to challenge myself to try new things without falling back into a consumerist lifestyle where I feel the need to buy the new and most relevant thing. This is my first minimalistic monthly favourites so let’s get on with it. Three of this thing are actually related to my setting daily goals because it has got me super motivated to try out new things and I have been loving them. 

Exercise- Running and Yoga

April Minimalistic Monthly Favourites (4)

Holy crap, I love yoga. If you know me you already know this. I slip it into every conversation possible. But I really do love it. I wrote a blog post about it a long time ago when I first got into it and I will be posting my exercise routine soon. Generally, I practice yoga at least five times a week and I do whatever I feel like my body needs. I normally do this yoga routine for runners once a week because I have started running and I love the slow pace that this session runs. I also try and fit a core routine in and practice a lot of poses that encourage strength building. I always work in and out of the crow pose and I have started practising headstands which I really struggle with but it really helps build up that core muscle. I also try and end my session with a little bit of meditation. I am forever trying to get myself doing meditation so whenever I can fit it works well for me. I also love lying in corpse pose and waiting for my breath to settle.

Running was another one of my daily goals and I never knew I would actually fall in love with it. I have always hated running, I never did it but now I love how I feel pushing myself and trying to beat my last record. I use an app called ‘Running’ which tracks my distance, time and average pace which I really enjoy and find to be god motivation. Between running and yoga I really feel myself becoming fitter and healthier, which is a great feeling.


April Minimalistic Monthly Favourites (3)

The third thing that I have been trying to do daily. I kept talking about how when I was done travelling I would learn another language and then I realised why not do it now? I downloaded an app to help because I know there are lots of good ones out there and every day I do about 15 minutes of Spanish. I love that I am learning something new everyday and I know it will take me a long time to get to grips with the language I do feel myself very slowly making some progress. I would really recommend spending 15 minutes out of your day to learn something new, it really motivates me in all aspects of my life.


April Minimalistic Monthly Favourites (2)

Recently, my life has been surrounded by animals. Of course I love that. I love animals and one of the things that I miss from home is the comfort of being surrounded by cats and dogs. Where I currently living I am looking after two lambs that have to be bottle fed three times a day. Although this is slightly hard work I love the reaction that they give you when they see you coming up with their bottles. I’ve also stayed at some places that have definitely made me realise I could never not be vegan. I always used to think on a smaller scale milk/eggs isn’t that bad but I have realised it is. It hasn’t been nice experiencing these things but it has been very educating. Animals are my one true favs and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever.


April Minimalistic Monthly Favourites

I feel like the freest person on earth. I think freedom relates a lot to happiness. I spent such a huge part of dreaming about travelling and being able to live at times feels surreal. Travelling and not having to commit to the expectations of life, I have no steady job, no house and no real security and that makes me really happy. The freedom of being able to say ‘let’s go, let’s change this’ is empowering. I have experiences whilst travelling where I have hated the situation so I left. I actually received some horrible emails because of that saying how I left when things got hard and YES I DID. I’m living a life where I get to do what I want. I have no commitments and that is how I like it. I could not recommend travelling enough to anyone who wants to do it. Just get up and go. You’ll never regret it. I recently wrote a post about how I afford to travel and you can find it here.


April Minimalistic Monthly Favourites (6)

I have never been a city fan, claiming all cities are the same. And I knew I was going to like Melbourne but I never knew that I would fall in love with the city. I think it actually reminds me of home (England) a little bit. It isn’t the fanciest city, it is dirty and there is graffiti everywhere but it brings so much. The graffiti is done by people with amazing talents, so many shops are unique, independent and I love the culture that seeps out of the pavement. I wrote a blog post about my weekend in Melbourne where you can read what I got up to. I would really recommend giving Melbourne a tour through for a week and see all the amazing things that it has to offer.

Those are my five monthly favourites and none of them actually involve having to own anything. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, my previous one was about how I afford to travel which I really enjoyed writing. See you on Monday for my first post in a new series I am beginning on my blog!

stay kind  ✿

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