What I Did For Christmas 2016 

This was my first Christmas that I didn’t share with my family. It was also the hottest Christmas I have ever had in my life time. And it was the first Christmas that me and my boyfriend spent together.Making this year a great Christmas.

We went to an area called Cottesloe from the 24th to the 27th. The area is beautiful and has a beach 2 minutes from the house we were crashing at. It also had wifi which was great because we’ve not had wifi around us for a long time.

So Christmas day went a lot like this:

7am wake up

8am go to the beach and drink champagne and cherries. go swimming

What I Did For Christmas 2016 

11am come home

What I Did For Christmas 2016 

12pm go back to the beach and eat lunch. swim. nearly drown in huge waves.

What I Did For Christmas 2016 

2pm go home and shower in a luxuriously hot and indoor shower.

3pm catch up on the new walking dead season. Eat biscuits.

What I Did For Christmas 2016 

8pm call family and get a bit homesick.

9pm feel fine again. watch a movie on Netflix (another luxury). Clerks.

12am go to bed

Christmas was a great day and although unusual and not what I’m used to, I loved it. For boxing day we caught the train to a place called Fremantle which was an amazing quirky town full of shops and markets. Very similar to London but with a lot less people. This was the first day that we actually did any kind of tourist and sightseeing in Australia, so it was nice to explore and visit places. Although, we are very stingy and didn’t pay to visit the attractions.. we just looked from the outside!

The beaches in Fremantle were great but I didn’t bring my swim suit. A rule for life is always carry a swim suit with you because it is better to have one than to not- especially if you live in a hot country!

What I Did For Christmas 2016 

I then ended the day by doing yoga on the beach whilst Adam went in the ocean, it felt like such a perfect ending to the weekend.

What I Did For Christmas 2016 

There is a mini update on what I got up to this year. My next blog post will be all about new years resolutions which are hard to write! I hope you had a great Christmas! My previous blog post was Christmas related but before that I had a great doughnut recipe.

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