10 ‘All in One’ Christmas Gift Guide: Small budget, last minute AND tricky males

*If any family members are reading this please stop, otherwise you’ll ruin Christmas*

So Christmas is coming up, and as always I have no money to buy lavish gifts for every member of my family. I am also currently travelling so my family is either getting no gift or just something small so I have plenty of experience of trying to think and create gifts for them every year.

The male members in my family are the hardest to buy presents for. I have no idea why this is but I have recently been getting better. The only person who I am good at buying gifts for is my boyfriend. There is so much that I always want to get him, from cheap novelty gifts to thoughtful ideas.

So this guide is here to help with buying presents on a budget and also gift ideas that a male may/would/should appreciate.

So here is a list of things that are inexpensive, can serve as a last minute gift and great for the male people in your life.

  1. Photo Collage – every year I make a photo collage of all the photos that me and my boyfriend took that year. I have been doing this ever since we have been together and this year will be my fourth time. Although it is a little different now as I can’t get a frame so I plan to do a version that can be folded and scuffed. I have also done this for my dad and my mum. It s a great gift as everyone likes to look and hang memories on the wall.
  2. Something they broke recently – hear someone complain they recently dropped a vase/lost an earring, etc and you’ve got their Christmas gift sorted. My boyfriend recently broke his watch and I would love to buy him a new one, it is a useful gift but also thoughtful. These types of gifts can either be as cheap or expensive as you can afford.
  3. An experience – this will be the gift that I get my boyfriend this year. I want to take him to a place called the blue diamond pool/lake on Christmas day. Being in a country with hot weather means that an outdoor experience is really enjoyable but you can still find a great place to take someone. The memory itself is such a great gift and I can’t wait to give this as a gift!
  4. Voucher – this is similar to the above idea and I have done it before with family members. It is a voucher to take them out somewhere, maybe to the cinema or out for a meal. I love the idea of this because it is a way to spend time with the person as well as giving them a gift. This can work well for Dads and Grandads.
  5. Food/Gift Hampers – I love making hampers. They are basically a collection of something the person you are giving the gift to loves. I do this a lot of my family members. Sometimes you can just fill it with all their favourite food or even a theme. You can fill it full of some of their favourite things such as their favourite bubble bath (all men like baths), chocolate, Sudoku book, mini bottles of alcohol, badges or stickers. The list goes on. Get creative and this gift can be awesome!
  6. Novelty Gifts – all my family (those that are getting gifts) are getting novelty gifts this year. I was given some glasses that are used in the dark. When there is a light source you get little love hearts in the light. I gave these glasses to three people who I thought would enjoy the silly idea! Sometimes looking around Poundland or other cheap shops for fun gifts can be the perfect present for someone you know.
  7. Baked Good – I love baking. I also love giving baked goods as presents. Normally, I would always bake a cake/cupcakes for someone’s birthday and you can do similar for Christmas. Bake any kind of food you want: cookiesdoughnuts, cupcakes, gingerbread, etc. Then either put them in a decorative box, you could make one yourself or wrap some cellophane around the food.
  8. HMV – every year for at least two years I have been doing this for my brother. I go into HMV with a budget and load up on posters, badges, stickers and sometimes CDs. If you have family members who have hobbies or interests, like loving a certain band. Go to a shop that sells things they love and buy a selection of things for them. I love doing this for my brother as I know he will love his presents!
  9. Hand Carved Wood (?) – okay, so this is my attempt at the only actually present I will be giving as a gift this year. I want to carve something onto wood for a family member. But it is very hard and tests my patience for sure! But if you are gifted at art then why not create something as a gift. You could paint a canvas or mug, anything handmade is always a lovely gift.
  10. Scrapbook – I was given this gift from my grandparents last year actually and I loved it. It was for my birthday and each page was a photo from each year of my life, so there ended on 21 pages of photos. I loved receiving this present and it was so beautiful with lots of effort obviously being put into it. You could make any kind of scrapbook for someone, friends or family or maybe even a calendar for the following year.

So those are my ten ideas that are low budget, great for tricky people to buy for and also can be done last minute! A lot of these are standard gifts that I love to give people. Are there any gifts that you would recommend? This was my first Christmas blog post and hopefully my next one will also be Christmas related. My last blog post was about my first month in Australia.

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