5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas!

I don’t know about you but with Christmas being only a week away I am very excited. I love Christmas, the whole day is full of magic and happiness and it always such a great day. I have such amazing ideas/plans for what I want to do for Christmas in Australia. Even though my idea of a traditional Christmas won’t be happening I know that it is still going to be a great day. On the 26th I will publish a ‘what I did on Christmas day’ post so keep you eyes open for that!

I have recently been trying to live a more balanced and eco-friendly lifestyle. I’ve been incorporating this into my diet by eating vegan, trying to create as less waste as possible by buying non-packaged foods (although at times it is tricky) and not buying products full of chemicals that are harsh on the environment. I love buying ‘grey water safe’ products (this means that you can use grey water safe products in the shower and be able to reuse the water to water the plants, for example) and anything else that lessens my impact on the environment.

I thought I would write this post to give ideas to anyone who wants to have a more eco friendly Christmas. These are such small and easy things to do that we can all do them and give out planet a break this Christmas.

  1. Christmas Tree

5 Way to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas!

Real Christmas trees are the best. They smell great and are so much better for the planet than plastic trees. Christmas tree farming is an industry, every tree that is cut down one is planted back in which is great for ‘rural economy’.  If you can afford to buy a real tree then you definitely should get on- you won’t regret it. We cut down out own tree this year from the bush as pine trees are actually seen as a pest in Australia as they are not native. So, if you live in Australia go hack down a pine tree and pop it up in your living room.

  1. Meat

5 Way to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas!

Who knew I would try and sneak the word vegan into this post? I just didn’t see it coming! Although I will never understand this, people are meat obsessed. If you are willing to give up meat this Christmas that is amazing but if not then buy/source local meat. Go to your butchers and not Tescos/Coles to buy your Christmas meat. It is so important to discourage mass production of meat and with Christmas being a meat orientated holiday it is great to get meat in a less damaging way.

  1. Gift Wrap

5 Way to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas!

I used to spend a fair amount of my money on gift wrap, tags, ribbons, etc. But these all produce a lot of waste that has to go somewhere. Wrapping paper is amazing, the pretty colours make the Christmas tree look beautiful. These days there are so many eco friendly wrapping papers that you are spoilt for choice. Try and buy recyclable paper or even try and make your own!

  1. Christmas Cards

Similar to wrapping paper Christmas cards go out in the millions every year which is a whole lot of waste that gets binned a few days after being received. There are three ways to avoid contributing to this: don’t send cards, buy recyclable cards or make you own cards. I love making my own cards- it is a nicer tough and a lot more personal than the same card you sent out to twenty other people.

  1. Avoid the typical boxed presents

So much waste is created at Christmas. Whether this is wrapping paper, food or even all the boxes and plastic that these presents come in. All shops sell the typical boxed gifts, whether it is Lynx, Dove or any other product that can be grouped together. Try and avoid buying these gifts because A. These are copout gifts and basically say ‘hey I had no idea what to get you’ and B. They create so much extra waste. Try and create more thoughtful gifts- even make your own box set and put it into a nice wooden basket that can be reused. On Wednesday I have a post going up last minute gifts that are also almost waste free so check that out for inspiration!

I hope this post helps and encourages you to have a nice eco-friendly Christmas. Most these points are saying to get creative with your gifts giving and don’t buy standard gifts/wrapping paper. You’ll find that these kind of gifts are the ones that people prefer!

Thank you for reading, my last post was an amazing doughnut recipe that I cannot stop making and the next post will be Christmas related again and be a gift guide to help anyone struggling with last minute gift giving so stay tuned!

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