Daily Skincare Routine (Australian)

I very rarely have a routine that I follow everyday. Somedays I’m lucky if I even wash my face But recently, I have been trying to get my skin under control. I have pretty problematic skin, I always have surface spots and acne looking skin although I rarely get spots anymore. I have found this routine does work for me and my skin is slowly getting better. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since not wearing makeup. I never get breakouts anymore, and although my skin is not perfect it is a whole lot better. I know that it is so hard to stop wearing makeup, especially foundation but it is so good for your skin. If you can slowly start wearing less makeup, it will really help your skin improve.

Face Wash

Daily Skincare Routine (Australian)

I use this face wash that I purchased in England. I do not use this everyday as it seems a bit much, and I am currently living in a camping situation so it isn’t easy to wash my face, especially in the colder evenings! I tend to use this face wash when I am in the shower and I love it because it is paraben and chemical free but still works amazingly for my face. I also find by switching my routine up it prevents my skin from becoming accustomed to certain products.

Face Wipes

Daily Skincare Routine (Australian)

I rarely used face wipes because they suck for the environment. However, I found these great face wipes that are biodegradable and plastic free. They were about 5 dollars and are also really useful in the tent. I use these morning and night.


Daily Skincare Routine (Australian)

I was gifted this moisturiser for sunburn but I love it because it is aloe vera which is so good for you skin. I normally use this morning and night but not always religiously. In the evenings I sometimes like to leave my skin bare before I go to sleep. I also like to put this on as a base before I put on suncream as I feel like suncream blocks my pores.


Daily Skincare Routine (Australian)q

I use this for spot treatment and I love it. In the mornings I tend to use it as a second moisturiser and rub it into my problem areas such as my cheeks. In the evenings I put blobs of it onto my spots and leave it on my face overnight. This can mucky up your pillow but it helps to dry out the spots thus helping them heal. Sudocrem is my holy grail and I use it for everything, I feel like everyone needs to carry some round with them as it is the most useful thing ever.

Sun Cream

I’m currently in Australia so suncream is super important. I get burnt here on days when the temperature is barely above 22 degrees. But when you are outside all day the sun can get to you. I like to catch the sun as its great for Vitamin D but I don’t want too much. Especially as too much sun on your face can lead to aging, and who wants that? I use a factor 50 on my face to give it the best protection.

That is all that I do to try and keep my skin clean and spot free. It is a pretty simple routine and doesn’t require many products which is something I love. Travelling means that I can’t always be carrying around lots of products just for my face.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. My next one will be scheduled as we are going for a 40k walk this weekend and internet will definitely not be around. My previous blog post was about flying long haul for the first time.

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