natural shampoo review

Hello and welcome to Wednesday’s blog post where I tell you all about a new natural shampoo that I have been using. I purchased this for whilst I travel and it is a shampoo bar which means it is easier to pack than normal shampoo. When we are travelling we are staying in eco friendly places so we need to have shampoos that won’t harm the water so that it can be reused.

natural shampoo review

The shampoo that I purchased was J.R. Liggetts. I bought two bars, one is Argon and Coconut and the other is Peppermint and Jojoba. I have linked the page for each bar as it has the ingredients listed that is in each one and has a description about what each ingredient is for.

natural shampoo review

At first look these shampoo bars are great:

  • 100% Detergent Free/No SLS
    SLS is responsible for making that lather that we all love, and you will notice that the shampoo bar does not lather as much but don’t take that to mean it isn’t cleaning your hair. SLS is not only bad for the environment but also strips your hair of its natural oils, which is also what causes your hair to feel so waxy after using this shampoo bar because your hair has to adjust.
  • Earth Friendly
  • 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper
  • No Preservatives
  • No Animal Products (making it vegan!)
  • 100% Bio-Degradable
  • Pure Natural Vegetable Oils
  • Rinses Out Clean & Easily
  • Gives Body & Manageability
  • Great for Backpacking and Traveling
  • Minimal Packaging Minimal Waste
    I keep my shampoo bar in a zip lock bag after showering.

natural shampoo review

I was prepared for my hair to feel different when I first used this shampoo however, it was horrible. After the first wash my hair felt greasy and heavy and it took me thirty minutes to brush my hair- it was a nightmare! Even after brushing my hair I couldn’t run my fingers through it, it felt like my hair was too thick and like it could turn into dreadlocks so easily. The next time I washed my hair I used ‘normal’ shampoo because I couldn’t stand the feeling.

natural shampoo review

But then I had a shower at the lake which meant I needed to use the shampoo bar and the exact same thing happened- my hair felt horrible. That is when I hopped on the internet and did some research and came across vinegar rinse. Now this is a real game changer.

I mixed 1 tbsp of white vinegar with one cup of water and after I washed my hair I poured the mixture over my head trying to cover as much of my scalp as possible. After this I brushed my hair and it was so much easier to brush and when my hair dried it was a lot softer and not so waxy. It was still a bit waxy underneath but I think if the vinegar wash is spread more evenly it seems to get rid of the waxiness.

natural shampoo review

Rinsing my hair after using the shampoo bar has helped me adjust to the different feel that comes with using shampoo bars and I am excited to see what long term effects this will have with my hair. I would recommend reading this blog post for more information about shampoo bars and the effects that using ‘normal’ shampoo can cause.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about natural shampoos and if you would want to make the change. If you do use shampoo bars let me know about you experience with them. I also wrote a review about a natural deodorant I have been using if you prefer using natural products. I’ll catch you at my next blog post on Sunday! 

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