five things you don’t need to pack whilst travelling

“On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy,” – Spanish Proverb

I was inspired to write this post, five things you do not need to pack whilst travelling when writing my previous blog post on the top five things you SHOULD take whilst travelling. I have been out of the country for three weeks now and I have already thinned out my luggage and discarded what I don’t need.

I left the UK with an Osprey bag which weighed 10kg. Before I leave my current location I want to drop the weight down to 8kg so that it is easier for me to carry. I am staying here for another two weeks which means in total I have had five weeks here and I will be able to see what I haven’t used which also helps the thinning out process. For example, I haven’t worn my denim shorts once so I will probably get rid of them.

Okay so here is my list of five things that you do not need to pack if you want to travel with as less junk as possible!

1. More than two pairs of shoes

five things you don't need to pack whilst travelling

I left the UK with three pairs of shoes; walking boots, sandals and trainers. Arguably, they are all needed. Walking boots are essential and so are sandals, especially when I plan to stay in hot countries. Which leaves the trainers, I packed these to wear for ‘smarter’ occasions but I am yet to go to a smart event so it seems silly holding onto something that is only for certain occasions. I always travel in my walking boots as they are the bulkiest and it is frustrating trying to pack more than one pair of shoes with sandals being so small and easy to pack. Unfortunately, this means that my trainers will not be coming with me any further.

2. An electric toothbrush

five things you don't need to pack whilst travelling

Another item that found itself in the bin is my electric toothbrush. This is probably obvious to most people that an electric toothbrush has its limitations but I assumed that it is rare that I will be around places with no electricity as it only needs charging every two weeks. However, I forgot about voltage and all the other stuff that comes with different electronics and countries. Thus meaning that it does not charge where I am so I decided to ditch it and just buy a manual one. This also lessens your load- one less charger to carry!

3. Multiple products

five things you don't need to pack whilst travelling

I left the UK with three toothpastes, three deodorants and other multiple products when I only needed one of each. It seems smart to buy cheap products before you leave, buy them whilst they are cheap and we were given a tube of toothpaste before we left and thought sure, why not take it.  But all these small products add up and a tub of toothpaste can last such a long time. It is best to just buy new products when you need them so it lessens your load.

4. Fashion

five things you don't need to pack whilst travelling

Before I left I was not willing to part with my style and wanted to still look good no matter where I was. But already my perception of ‘looking good’ has changed. I have not worn makeup since being in England which is the longest time I’ve not worn makeup for YEARS. This also means that my skin has cleared up so much and I almost wouldn’t want to wear foundation. However, I currently do still have basic makeup products with me but ditched all my lipsticks that are ‘fashionable.’ Fashion wise I still dress how I want and feel comfortable but also more practical. This means the choker I brought will be binned alongside socks that are frilly and just not useful. I basically live in one outfit that I love and if you don’t care too much taking less clothes is a winner.

5.  Laptop

five things you don't need to pack whilst travelling

Okay, I don’t mean do not take a laptop because I am writing this from a laptop. But really think about what laptop to take. My Grandad gave me an old one that he had and it drives me up the wall, it is so slow that it is just easier to use my phone to get things done quicker. My advice would be if you want to take a laptop go for it, you want to take one that is small and will pack easily but you also don’t want a brand spanking new one in case it gets stolen or broken- you don’t want a big loss.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this blog post helpful! This is the sister post to my previous one about things you should take travelling and before that I had an abundance of almond based recipes which I would highly recommend checking out. My next post will be Wednesday, see you there!

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