top five travelling essentials

Okay, so I have only been travelling for 2 weeks but I have already had to reorganise my rucksack and get rid of some unnecessary things. After doing that I realised there are already things that I could not be without and I am so glad that I packed them.

When I asked my boyfriend what he thought we essentials he started to list clothes and toothpaste, so this is a top five list of essentials that aren’t the obvious. Maybe things you would forget or don’t realise how handy they will be.

1. Bug repellent/cream

top five travelling essentials

I bought bug repellent with no real intention of using it but as soon as I arrived to our current volunteer location we spend every waking moment outside. This means bugs eat you and after the first few days I was torn apart by bugs. I now use the bug spray on all my exposed body in the morning. You also want some kind of cream to put on the super itchy bites. I packed sudocrem and I use this for everything, bits, spots, cuts , grazes, the list goes on. It is a super handy product to carry with you. You can buy small pots but I decantered a large pot that I had into a travel tube.

2. Water bottle

top five travelling essentials

I only packed this water bottle as I thought it might come in handy but I didn’t realise how much I would use it. I literally carry it with me everywhere, it is handy for any long distance trips and means you never have to buy water when you are out and about making it an instant money saver.

3. Jumper

top five travelling essentials

I packed this jumper because I didn’t want to part with it. It is huge and woolly and I have had it since I paid too much for it at Urban Outfitters. Packing it I thought I would use it when in colder countries but I have used it every night since being in Spain. Sure, it is super hot in the day but as the night gets darker it can get really cold and we are staying in a valley so the wind can be rough. Always have one big jumper with you as you never know when you’ll need it!

4. Walking boots

top five travelling essentials

I brought these boots begrudgingly with me because my boyfriend said we would need them. These ones were an old pair that my Grandma gave to me and because I didn’t have to fork out for a pair I thought I might as well take them. And I am so glad that I did. I use them everyday when we had to go out and work, whether this is almond picking, weeding or building things. I also use them whenever we go on walks because they have such good grip and I can walk/climb anywhere with them!

5. Pack-away backpack

top five travelling essentials

I wanted to bring a spare backpack for day trips but I also didn’t want to be carrying two backpacks at once so this one that I found at Trespass was perfect. It packs down so small (picture on left) so can be put away in my large rucksacks when we are travelling long distance and it is a perfect little rucksack. I’m not sure if it is water proof but its been great so far and can carry a lot of stuff at once. DISCLAIMER: banana stamp does not come with the backpack.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful. Due to my travelling I am going to change my blog post days to just two a week; Sunday and Wednesday, so keep an eye out for new posts on those days. In the meantime why not check out my last blog post  on how to make almond and fig cake?

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