minimalism: from owning everything to owning nothing

I used to be the girl who had so much stuff. I had everything I ever had as a child, toys, teddys, old school books. I used to love this trait about me, however, as time passed it soon got to be annoying.

My parents are divorced, and I went to Uni. My life was spread around in the three different locations. I got fed up. So, I binned it all.

I went from the girl who saved every receipt and token to owning only what I needed. When I did this my mum questioned my sanity, seriously, she thought I was depressed. But I felt great, I felt better owning little than I did owning everything.

Wanna know how I did it? Here are four tips to how I did it.


I watched so many YouTube videos about minimalism and I fell in love with owning little. Never losing things because everything had a place. Admittedly, I did like the idea of having everything white and clean, however, I soon found that just wasn’t for me. I like colour and chaos, but I can do that without owning lots of things I don’t need. I also watched videos about materialism and I realised I didn’t want to be a mass consumer, buying things to make me happy. This was a major change for me and made me self aware of my actions and of those who can’t buy food, let alone the shit that I was buying.

For minimalistic videos, just search in YouTube as they all tend to give out similar advice but it is really helpful. The video I watched about materialism can be found HERE.


I did my de-cluttering process in stages. One good place to start is your wardrobe. And it is really simple. Empty your wardrobe/drawers onto your bed. Then start searching through it. Keep certain things in mind:

  1. You do not need multiple items. Do you need 2 white t-shirts? How many pair of jeans do you really need? Is 20 pairs of underwear too many?
  2. Do you even wear it. When did you last wear this? Are you saving it for an occasion that is never happening? If you have three fancy dresses, why not get rid of one or two?

Keeping this two things in mind should help you get rid of items of clothing. To start with it is really hard because you MIGHT where it in the future. But try and beat this feeling, if you do not need it do not keep it! Make two piles; a keep and a bin. Simple, really.


This is where I struggled. I had kept everything, I had things such as barbie doll dresses and postcards from my grandparents. So I gave myself a limit. I allowed myself to have two boxes worth of stuff. I would go through all the things I had kept, I binned all my old school books because they didn’t feel worth keeping over other items. Once I had gone through it once,  I went back through it a week later to see if I could get rid of more stuff. I tried to be really rational and not keep things I didn’t need. But I will admit this was really hard for me, and I imagine a lot of people will struggle, however, give it your best shot!


This is the question you need to keep asking yourself over and over again. In my eyes, this are things that I am not willing to part with. Go into the kitchen; do you need two spatulas? Clean out your desk; do you need three notebooks that you don’t use?

I really hope this helped because owning little things has been amazing for me and I’ve never felt so content. As you may know, I am going travelling so I am getting rid of everything- near enough. I will do a blog post about that in the future. I’m currently at leeds festival, why not check out my last post on how to pack for a festival? thanks for reading and see you monday!

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