festival tips and tricks!

Tomorrow I shall be on my jolly way to Leeds festival . And I am super excited for it- I’ve been to Leeds for three years now, last year I worked on the bar for free entry which was amazing but this year I wanted to go and enjoy all the bands I wanted!

So I just packed my bag and it got me thinking about my first festival and what I wish I was told. To start with packing:

1. Plan outfits

festival tips, tricks and hacks!

Here, I’ve got four outfits and then I will be wearing one to the festival. I also have some thing to sleeping in, including leggings and a vest top because it gets SO cold at night. Fluffy socks are a must. Also underwear and socks- make sure your socks will be comfortable with wellies. (Bonus tip: take wellies.) I also take a big shirt that I can throw on top of any outfit:

festival tips, tricks and hacks!

This just means that towards the evening you can keep yourself warm but I also love this messy sort of look!

2. Take some food and alcohol with you

festival tips, tricks and hacks!

I always, always take food with me. Food at festivals is expensive, and you don’t want to be buying food all the time. This is all I have bought so far this year, but I’m going to pick up a few more bits. Alcohol is obvious, because at festivals you WILL be paying £5 a pint and who wants that?

3. Toilet roll

Again, this is a must. The festival toilets are disgusting. I’m not sure what all festivals are like, but at Leeds there is a huge huge hole in the ground with stalls around it so you are peeing and pooing into a toilet trough. It disgusting. Normally, toilet roll is fine for the first day or two AND staff do try and keep on top of it but there will come a point where you will be at a loss. Also, they do tend to have hand sanitizer soap dispensers so don’t worry about taking your own!

4. ‘Hand luggage’

A lot of people go for the bum belt, but I am not a fan. However, always have a bag that you keep on you. In here you will store your phone, wallet, camera and all your other valuables! I tend to take a small rucksack or hand bag that goes across my body.

These are four little tips that are very useful and practical to know. I love festivals because of all the music and the fun, let me know if you are going to a festival or have been to one! 

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