First night out drinking?

First of all, sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a busy weekend of work and then going out for my brothers 18th, which is what inspired this post. It was his first legal night out clubbing and he went hard, probably too hard, and it made me realise people who go out when they just turn 18 have no idea how to handle it.

I’m 21 so have had my fair experience of nights out and from this I have four tips and tricks that could help you on your first night out or just maybe give some ideas on how to make your night last longer.

Side note: I know nights out are supposed to be fun where you drink lots, but if you want the best night its not wise to be passing out at nine and getting sent home in a taxi by your friends (yes, it happens).

Tip One- Don’t go out too early
When I went to uni we never went out into town till around 12/half past so that we could pre drink at our place and not buy as many drinks when we were out. This was handy for two reasons, one it was cheap and two it meant you could last longer. The other night we arrived into town at half eight and by one everyone was tired and had peaked and wanted to go home. The best time to arrive is around 11/12 so that you don’t quit early!

Tip Two- Drink lots of water
By 12 my brother was stumbling all over the place and could barely get his words out and I knew he was going to pass out or throw up anytime soon so I gave him a couple of glasses of water. And because of this I 100% take responsibility for him actually enjoying himself and not throwing up. Alongside drinking we did so much dancing and you don’t realise how thirsty you can get. Have one glass of water every hour and you’ll feel better.

Tip Three- More water
This is one for when you get home. If you drink two glasses of water before bed it will ease your hangover. A hangover is basically caused because you’re dehydrated, so if you drink during the night and just before bed you should feel super fresh in the morning.

Tip Four- Eat
You want to eat before you go out otherwise you’ll be weak which is good because it’ll be cheap but you’ll probably be sick as your stomach will be empty and won’t be able to handle the alcohol. So just eat before you go. Then eat at the end of the night because nothing is better than getting chips and whatever vegetarian option the kebab house is selling. On a side note: I’m pretty sure McDonald’s veggie burgers are vegan if you ask for it without mayo (in the UK) so you can always hit up there if you’re vegan. Third time to eat, in the morning. Go out and have a fry up, it helps, I don’t know why but it does.

These are my top tips to have a great night out and not ruin it by passing out, and I’d rather drink lots and at least be able to make it to the end of the night! Why not check out my last post about how to save money? 

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