Top 4 tips for saving money

In September I will start my journey travelling, and I want to travel everywhere. However, I do need to have money to do this. So these past few months I have been picking up as many hours as possible at work (I work in a pub) and trying to cut all my other expenses. Doing this I have learnt a few tips and tricks, so here are my top five.

Tip One: Cancel all your memberships
I love to go to the gym, however, I have now decided to cancel my membership because if I added up all those months I have been paying for it I could have saved myself a lot of money. The same goes for phone contracts (although sometimes you cannot cancel until it ends), Netflix, etc. Although it may seem hard to cancel all the things you love, it is only for a short time and is worth it!

Tip Two: Stop going out!
I love to go out. I love going out for drinks, and especially food. However, to regularly go out is expensive business.  So I try and limit myself to once a month or only for special occasions. That way you still get to go out and have fun, and also save money instead of going out once every week!

Tip Three: Eat less meat
Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to throw out the meat and the diary. HOWEVER, meat is super expensive and is the reason that my weekly shop for two people is never above £20 a week and my mums is double that. So if you are serious about saving money, why not look at creative and tasty vegan recipes!

Tip Four: Bottom shelf
When you do your grocery shop try and not get any of the branded products. I always buy the supermarket’s own version of baked beans, tinned tomatoes, pasta, etc. Doing this can save you so much money. For example, for a tin of Heinz baked beans it is 75p. For a tin of Tesco’s own beans it costs 24p.

I live buy all of these tips and it does save me a lot of unnecessary spending! I hope you found some of these tips helpful and you manage to save yourself a bit of money. If you are saving for travelling why not check out my post about travelling with money?

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