Last 3 times I cried?

I was inspired to do this post by Hannah Witton (she can also be found on YouTube and I would highly recommend giving her a watch). I read her post and she says she cries a lot, but I’m the opposite. I never cry, if you see me cry then be shocked because it is just something I don’t do.

So to kick if off, we will start from the least recent to the most recent.

Number Three: my house mate didn’t wash the pots
For someone who doesn’t cry this might seem like a ridiculous thing to be crying at but it was definitely the straw that broke the camels back. I was so frustrated because my housemates never tidy up and I felt defeated. Although I did learn from this experience to not let the little things get to me, because once I realised why I was crying, it felt silly and trivial.

Number Two: Sons of Anarchy
Again, another ridiculous thing that I have cried at. The end of season six had me in tears, but it was amazing. I would highly recommend this TV show, it is on Netflix so easy to access and it will change your life. I am yet to find a TV show as good as this.

Number One: someone asked if I was ‘Okay’
I work at a local pub so the customers talk and treat you like friends, and one person kept asking me if I was okay, again and again. I wasn’t okay, I had had an awful day and this person constantly reminding me I wasn’t okay was hard to handle.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, a bit of an insight into my life! You should give it a go, blog it or just write it down. For me it was hard to think back so it in interesting to reflect on your own life. Why not check out my last post about backpacking and dealing with money!

3 replies to “Last 3 times I cried?

  1. Lol I am a guy and I cry a ton when no one is around.

    If I see something heart wrenching or really special on tv I usually tear up. I’m a sucker for people in pain or really loving acts of sacrifice.


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