Top 5 tips for becoming vegan

Fancy trying to become vegan? Or maybe just cutting down your consumption of meat and dairy? Well here are five tips that can help you transition into a vegan lifestyle that fits you and your life!

Tip One – Find what works for you.

Top 5 tips for becoming vegan

For some people quitting everything all at once, the dairy, the meat, the eggs is what is best. However, for me I found that I had to do it in stages. I was vegetarian for years before becoming vegan and at first I stopped drinking milk, and then cheese and then eggs. I had to do it in stages otherwise I would end up binging on things I missed, like cake and chocolate.

Also, you can be a junk food vegan, high carb low fat vegan, or any other vegan you see fit. Don’t worry about what other people are doing and do what is best for you.

So find what works for you. I would recommend doing it in small steps, so that you feel like its under control and you will succeed in giving up the products you wish.

Tip Two – Research

Top 5 tips for becoming vegan

Do your research. Research about B12, protein, iron, etc. Research so that when people challenge you, you have answers but also research so you know how to feed yourself correctly and healthily.

If you are interested in the ethical side of veganism, research different books and documentaries to look into.

Vegucated (Netflix)
Forks over Knives
101 reasons to go vegan

Tip Three – Don’t worry! 

Top 5 tips for becoming vegan

The best advice someone could have given me was to not worry, mistakes can happen. If your pasta dish at a restaurant comes out with some cheese on it, that’s okay. Feel brave enough to send it back. People won’t and shouldn’t care. But if you eat the pasta and then notice it has cheese in it, that is also fine. It was a mistake. Every effort you put into becoming vegan is what matters.

Tip Four- Social media

Top 5 tips for becoming vegan

I have no vegan friends. So, the best way for me to stay vegan was to find different people on social media to watch and follow so that I didn’t feel so alone. Feel free to even message people who interest you! Here are just a few of my favourite vegan social medias:


Tip Five- Stay Strong

Top 5 tips for becoming vegan
Top 5 tips for becoming vegan

If this is something you are passionate about, don’t let people make you feel bad about your life decisions and don’t be afraid to defend yourself.

However, don’t feel like you have to tell people. I’ve had the same job for about a year now and nobody knows that I’m vegan, I hadn’t been vegan for long when I started and didn’t want it to be ‘my thing.’

Sometimes family and friends can be unsupportive when they don’t understand, sometimes my grandma will say ‘but one cake won’t hurt,’ but it’s my job to stay strong and to not eat the cake in the cafe, no matter how much I want to.

Like I said above, slip ups happen and that is perfectly okay. But stay strong, if this is something you want, you can do it!

I hope this post was useful to anyone wanting to become vegan then let me know, and feel free to any other tips and tricks you have. I recently posted a pancake recipe so feel free to check it out and see how it compares to other pancake recipes! 

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