Brexit: it happened

Brexit: it happened

Friday morning I woke up to the news that the UK had decided to leave the EU.

58.9% Leave
41.1% Remain

The results was surprising for many people, it was clear that the leave party were going to be successful but for them to actually win was beyond shocking. So, now the UK has a lot to face:

  • The value of the pound is at its lowest since 1985 – thus meaning, the Bank of England has had to lend £250 billion to the banks.
  • David Cameron resigned – thus meaning either a new Conservative PM will be chosen such as Boris Johnson, or a forced general election will occur.
  • Pressure on Jeremey Corbyn to resign
  • Both Scotland and Ireland voted to remain in the UK – thus meaning Scotland wishes to have another referendum for independence which could end in the disbandment of the United Kingdom.

Voting to leave was a huge decision, and it seems like a lot of people did not realise the scale of what their vote would lead to. It is currently worrying how the United Kingdom will deal with the current trials and tribulations that it will be faced with, with no one having an real answers as to what will happen next.

Here is to hoping that the United Kingdom will turn this negative into a positive, but failing that, we could look at moving to a more progressive country, like Iceland.

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